Social Media to Help Job Seekers and Employers!

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June 21, 2016

Job seekers - Social media is a great way to find new connections, build a professional network, or find a new job. No matter what type of job - bus driver to CEO - social media are a great way to find job opportunities. If you are in job search mode, you are promoting yourself to an employer. Use career-related keywords in your social media profiles to help employers notice you.

Social media tools where jobs are posted include LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Employers - Business owners use social media to market job openings. Save recruiting dollars with social media tools to research and find potential employees. Save time using social media to search for potential employees using keywords related to your job posting.

Not all social media platforms are created equal. For example, LinkedIn is geared to a more professional audience. Poll your employees to find out which social media platforms they use. Ask them to share job openings with their friends on social media.

Consider posting your next job openings on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

Next Step - Look at our guides for each platform below on this page. Review our SlideShare presentation to the right. Review the resources on our "Social Media and Your Job Search" infographic at the bottom of the page.​

Protect Yourself Online

Social media are all about being social, but that doesn't mean you should throw caution to the wind.

  1. Review security settings on each platform.
  2. Never give out your Social Security number.
  3. Be selective with how much personal data you share.
  4. The things you post don't go away, sometimes even after you delete them.
  5. Know the people you connect with.
  6. Don't be a mad clicker - not every link is safe to click.
  7. If something seems off with a post from a friend, it could be a hacker.
  8. Don't click on links in emails - it could be someone phishing. Instead, use your bookmarks, or type the URL yourself.
  9. Avoid using the same password for all of your social networking sites.
  10. U​se two-step verification when possible.

Illinois workNet Social Media

LinkedIn Group - Join our Illinois workNet Virtual Job Club for valuable career updates.

Employers, recruiters, and job seekers can participate in discussions, share open positions, and post upcoming events like job fairs and hiring events.

Facebook - Like our page to see the latest articles, updates, and events. Individuals, use Facebook to enhance a job search.

Check your Facebook network to see where your friends work. Companies, use Facebook to share information about company culture and post job openings.

LinkedIn - Follow our company profile to get business and job seeking tips.

A profile on LinkedIn helps you show up in search results, especially if you don't have a website of your own. Businesses use LinkedIn to recruit new employees and check applicants' work history.

Twitter - We share tips and tricks for job searches in 140 characters.

Use Twitter to follow company updates for news and job openings. Companies can share job postings using hashtags like #jobs or search industry-specific tags.

Google+ - Add Illinois workNet to your circles to stay up to date on the latest info.

Create a profile to build your personal or business brand. A Google+ profile gives you a top listing in search results for your personal or business brand.

YouTube - Subscribe to our channel to see Illinois workNet videos and archived webinars. Use YouTube to learn more about your job search tactics and industry-related jobs. Companies can post videos on corporate culture and "A Day in the Life Of" videos to help job seekers understand what a position requires.

Pinterest - Follow our boards to see the latest job search articles.

Use Pinterest to find information that will help you with your job search, like what to wear to an interview. Businesses can post links to job openings and items related to company culture.

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