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Why Attendance and Self-Presentation Skills Matter

October 17, 2018

​Make your first impression something you can feel good about when you look back on the situation.

How do you want people to remember you?

Good First Impression - They think you:

  • Are a nice person with a friendly smile.
  • Care about your appearance.
  • Are mindful of other people's time.

Not-So-Good First Impression - They think you:

  • Complain too much.
  • Look like you just crawled out of bed (or worse).
  • Do not know how to manage your time.

Establish your reputation. 

Don't try to fake it. If you know that you need to work on an area such as attitude or time management, make a conscious effort to improve in those areas. You will not be perfect all the time, but others will notice your effort. Your actions over time will show your character and determine the reputation that you build for yourself.

Illinois Essential Employability Skills

Work Ethic: Dependability

  • Shows up on time and ready to work.
    • Fulfills obligations, completes assignments, and meets deadlines.
    • Behaves consistently and predictably.
  • Regular Attendance
    • Demonstrates minimum absenteeism.
    • Communicates absenteeism with direct supervisor.
  • Commitment
    • Desires to effectively work toward the employer’s goals.
    • Takes the initiative in seeking new responsibilities, maintaining professional goals, and striving to exceed standards and expectations of their position.

Work Ethic: Professionalism

  • Maintains a professional demeanor at work.
    • Demonstrates self-control by maintaining composure and keeping emotions in-check, even in difficult situations.
    • Exhibits professional appearance by dressing appropriately for the workplace and maintaining personal hygiene.
    • Understands employer’s objectives.

Foundation Skill Other Examples


  • Demonstrate self-control.
  • Free yourself from substance abuse.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.


  • Dress properly.
  • Maintain personal hygiene.


  • Arrive to work and return from breaks on time.
  • Notify supervisor in advance of absence.

Scenario Guides

If you’d like to quickly test yourself on these skills, check out our scenario guide. This guide provides you with a few example situations on the first page, as well as space where you can write your solutions. Once you’ve done this, measure your responses against our answers on the second page.

You can find this guide in the “Documents” section of this article.

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