Growing a Career in Manufacturing with Industry-Recognized Credentials large

Growing a Career in Manufacturing with Industry-Recognized Credentials

August 26, 2019

​Credentials are quickly becoming a central part to reaching career pathway goals in many industries. Credentials allow you to show completed education, learned skills and abilities, and your ability to complete specific tasks. Many credentials are now industry-recognized and allow potential employers to feel confident in your skills and experience based on which credentials you have. Credentials can include certificates, licenses, and others. 

The manufacturing industry recognizes a variety of credentials. These credentials are inclusive of various manufacturing industries, such as welding and machining. They also range from entry-level to high-skill for various jobs. The National Network website, which partners with recognized companies nationwide, has identified 16 organizations that have standards, credentials, and skills certifications. This is a great place to start when looking to grow in one of these career fields.

The credentials below will help you learn:

  • Academic skills.
  • Personal and workplace skills.
  • Technical skills.
  • Occupational skills.

Many of these are transferable skills that will help you, even if you decide to change industries or career pathways in the future.

Examples of Credentials

Here are a few of the credentials available in Manufacturing. To learn more and to find the listing of industry-recognized credentials in manufacturing, head to the National Network website.

Foundational Skills

Cross-Cutting Technical Skills

Machining & Metalworking





  • 17 certifications demonstrating proficiency within, and comprehension of, a specific body of knowledge related to quality standards 

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Supply Chain Logistics

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