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National Safety Month

May 9, 2019

The month of June is National Safety Month (NSM)! This month raises awareness for safety in and outside of the workplace. Throughout the month, Illinois workNet will be posting resources and other information related to National Safety Month, so be sure to keep up with Illinois workNet to stay safe and prevent injuries on and off the job.

The National Safety Council will also provide resources on several different safety topics for each week this month1:

·         Week 1: Hazard Recognition

·         Week 2: Slips, Trips, and Falls

·         Week 3: Fatigue

·         Week 4: Impairment

Here are some ways that you can encourage co-workers, families, and communities to stay safe and informed not just for this month but all the time1:

Distribute NSM Materials

These materials include posters, checklists, family activities, articles, games, and much more. Help distribute these items to keep your communities safe and informed.

Share on Social Media with #No1GetsHurt

Sharing helpful resources that the National Safety Council and Illinois workNet provide are just a few clicks away. Illinois workNet has great resources you can share from different sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Share today so that you can help prevent injuries.

Provide Safety Training

NSM offers special discounts and free opportunities for safety training. Get others thinking critically about how to stay safe.

Check out the National Safety Council’s page on how else you can help spread the word during National Safety Month.



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