Youth Career Pathways

Youth Career Pathways

January 7, 2020


This Employment and Training Program will assist youth who face barriers to continue in education and gain employment in the state of Illinois. The goal is to provide basic and technical skill training and work experience to help participants get good jobs, increase earnings and reduce reliance on public assistance.

Career Pathways programs focus on:
  • Participant-focused instruction and training; 
  • Appropriate and meaningful assessment; 
  • Supportive services and navigation; and 
  • Direct connections to employment. 
Youth will benefit from (Youth Flyer - PDF): 
  • Personal career development plans to meet each participant's needs; 
  • Job skill trainings and credentials in high-demand fields; 
  • Paid or Unpaid work-based learning opportunities with local employers; and 
  • Ongoing team counseling that can lead to jobs.‚Äč
Employers will benefit from (Employer Flyer - PDF):
  • Skilled workers with credentials to address the local need for high demand occupations.   
  • An active role in developing and managing career pathway programs.
  • An active role in the continuous improvement process to enhance program quality.

Are You Eligible?

You may be eligible to participate in this program if you are: 
  • 16-24 years old
  • Authorized to work in the United States and 
  • In one or more of the following situations, you: 
    • Have a disability and I do not make more than $1,000/month. 
    • Are homeless. 
    • Are in foster care. 
    • Live in a high poverty area. 
    • Have someone in your immediate family that receives SNAP benefits.  
    • Receive a free/reduced price lunch at school. 
    • Have someone in your family that receives TANF, SSI, or state/local cash welfare. 
    • Have a hard time with reading, writing, and/or math. 
    • Have trouble with reading or speaking English. 
    • Have had instances/legal problems (offender). 
    • Are a runaway. 
    • Have aged out of foster care system.
    • Need help to enter or complete an educational program or to secure or hold employment. 
  • If you are a male that is 18 years or older, you will need to be registered for selective service.  If you are not registered, a career planner can help you register.

Get Started

Take a look at the steps provided
  • Step 1 - Learn about the different types of youth career pathway programs.  Do any of the formats appeal to you?
  • Step 2 - Look at the programs that are available and the related career information.  Could you see yourself in the any of the career fields?
  • Step 3 - Contact a training provider by completing an intake form.  A career planner can review your information to see if you are eligible and help you get you in the right training, job, and services to help you succeed.
  • Step 4 - See what you can expect if you are in the program and resources you can use if you are not in the program.
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