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Supporting Yourself While In School

June 22, 2018

​The decision has been made. You have selected your training program and registered for classes.  Now you are ready to begin your training program.  Have you planned out your strategy on how you will support yourself or your family while attending school?

Hopefully, this is something you thought about before you enrolled in a training program.  Not being able to support yourself or your family could lead you to drop out of school.  However, there are some things to do before you consider dropping classes. 

Here are a few options:

Get a part-time job.

Contact the college or university’s student worker program as soon as you have your schedule.  See if you can apply for a student worker position on campus.  DO NOT wait until you are a couple months into schooling.  The jobs assigned to student workers will fill up fast.  There may even be a waiting list. By making contact as soon as possible, you improve your chance of getting a job.

Apply for a part time job.  Figure out the number of hours and days that you are available.  Be honest about your availability when you apply for jobs.  Make sure you set aside enough time to study.

Live at home.

Living at home can help reduce the pressures and worry of personal expenses while in school.  The decision of living at home could be just what you need to succeed and get your degree.

Apply for financial aid.

Apply for financial aid to assist with the cost of college.  Research the different types of financial aid that are available.  Make sure you understand the details and terms before you accept the money.

Contact local agencies that offer assistance programs.

Contact your local Illinois workNet Center and talk with a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) case manager to see if their program can provide support assistance while you are in school.  If you are eligible, WIOA programs can provide support with books, tuition, fees, mileage, and daycare.

WIOA programs and the Illinois Department of Employment Security can provide information to help you find part-time job openings.

Don’t Give Up!
Talk with your instructors, advisors, fellow students, and local agencies to find leads on ways to support yourself while in school.  


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