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EPIC Success in the Medical Field

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Date: 01/16/2018
Pathway: Health Science
Program: EPIC
Location of Service: 60607-0003

Sheila is a 48-year-old single mother with four children ages 9 to 27. She graduated high school in June 1988 and received a food service and sanitation certification and a certificate of completion for the janitorial training. Since 2011, Sheila has found herself struggling to find new employment working various seasonal jobs but struggled to make ends meet. Consequently, Sheila requested public assistance though her local DHS office. Once there, she was introduced to a random selection program that offered employment trainings. Sheila entered the lottery and later learned that she was selected to receive training. The Basic Nurses Assistant (BNA) Training Program offered at Instituto was one of the training options available.

Sheila chose the BNA program offered through Instituto’s Carreras en Salud. Unfortunately, her Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) Score did not meet the requirement for enrollment in the BNA program. Sheila met with her Academic Advisor about the Healthcare Career Pathway and the classes she would need to take prior to enrolling in the BNA program. Sheila decided she would apply herself to her studies to gain the reading and math skills necessary to qualify for admission to the program. Sheila began her Pre-BNA class in the Summer of 2017. By the end of the 16 week course she had increased her reading comprehension skills from a 9.1 to an 11.1 grade level, and from a 7.6 to a 10.1 grade level in math. These scores granted Sheila admission to the BNA training she had initially planned on enrolling in. Sheila joined the Fall 2017 BNA Training Cohort.

The BNA training program was more challenging than Sheila had imagined. However, she did not get discouraged. She attended tutoring services religiously and without complaint even when childcare issues arose. Sheila’s dedication paid off as she was able to increase her quiz score averages to a passing grade. Even when she no longer needed tutoring, she still attended sessions until the very last week. Just when things seemed to be going well for Sheila, a delicate health issue arose in her family. Sheila used her inner strength to get her through this difficult situation and graduated on November 22, 2017, and is registered to take her state certification test on January 19th, 2018.

                Sheila is looking forward to become a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) to secure full-time employment in the near future. Sheila is eager to apply the skills she learned in the BNA training program by providing care to her ill father at home. Unfortunately, the other relative who fell ill during her enrollment in the program passed away while she was taking her final test. This event increased Sheila’s interest in working to provide the best care. Instituto’s staff is proud of Sheila’s accomplishment and commend her for demonstrating her strength of character and ability to maintain her composure even in the most distressful situations. Sheila is on the path to a bright future in the healthcare field.

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Name: Renee
Date: 10/18/2017
Pathway: Health Science
Program: WIOA Adult
Location of Service: 61761-1173

Renee sought services from the Livingston Workforce Services because of her poor work history. She moved amongst several employment agencies that were unable to provide long term work. She knew becoming certified as a nursing assistant would open up many opportunities for her to find full time work with benefits. Since she had been certified many years prior, she pursued a recertification class. She was reintroduced to those skills she learned many years ago and performed a few practice applications so that she could sit for the certification exam.She passed the exam and became employed full time just a few short weeks later!

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Name: Diamond
Date: 10/18/2017
Pathway: Education and Training
Program: WIOA Youth
Location of Service: 61764-1049

Diamond pursued services from the Livingston Workforce Services when she was young and had no work history. She was initially looking for part time work that wouldn't affect her school work. She was placed in a work experience and successfully completed it with high marks. While in the program she obtained her high school diploma and was offered a position with the employer that she completed her work experience with.