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Name: Ruth
Date: 01/26/2010
Pathway: Health Science
Program: WIOA Adult
Location of Service: 62069-1324
R. Anne Stagner, Mt. Olive, IL - I had been stuck in working a variety of dead-end jobs, offering no future or benefits. I needed a change and with a visit to the Job Center, an Illinois workNet Center in Carlinville, IL, that change happened. I filled out an application for the WIA program, wanting to attend school. Within a year, I was accepted and attended Lincoln Land Community College. WIA provided paid tuition, books and a travel allowance. Without the travel allowance in particular, I would have never been able to afford to travel to LLCC in Springfield for classes. I graduated in May 2009 with an Associates degree in Accounting. Within six months of graduating, I obtained a great job offering benefits and a future. I am currently working full-time and attending University of Illinois at Springfield working on my Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Business Administration. Without the WIA program, these changes would not have been possible.