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Name: Renee
Date: 10/18/2017
Pathway: Health Science
Program: WIOA Adult
Location of Service: 61761-1173

Renee sought services from the Livingston Workforce Services because of her poor work history. She moved amongst several employment agencies that were unable to provide long term work. She knew becoming certified as a nursing assistant would open up many opportunities for her to find full time work with benefits. Since she had been certified many years prior, she pursued a recertification class. She was reintroduced to those skills she learned many years ago and performed a few practice applications so that she could sit for the certification exam.She passed the exam and became employed full time just a few short weeks later!

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Name: Diamond
Date: 10/18/2017
Pathway: Education and Training
Program: WIOA Youth
Location of Service: 61764-1049

Diamond pursued services from the Livingston Workforce Services when she was young and had no work history. She was initially looking for part time work that wouldn't affect her school work. She was placed in a work experience and successfully completed it with high marks. While in the program she obtained her high school diploma and was offered a position with the employer that she completed her work experience with.