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Receiving Clerks


Shipping and receiving clerks keep records, prepare shipments, and accept deliveries of goods.


Shipping clerks are responsible for all outgoing shipments. They keep track of and maintain the inventory of goods to be shipped. They fill orders, or make sure orders filled by other workers are correct. They prepare invoices to send with the order.

Clerks often perform the following tasks:

  • Pack and label the materials for shipping
  • Weigh the package
  • Attach postage when required

They decide what shipping method to use, based on their knowledge of rates for various sizes and distances. They also compare different routes to find ways to use less fuel to transport goods. Clerks may move the goods from the warehouse to the loading dock. 


Receiving clerks contact other companies to order goods and arrange for delivery. When shipments arrive, clerks verify the contents against the original order. They also make sure that the contents match the invoice.

Clerks record data about each incoming shipments. They check for damages and discrepancies. In many organizations, clerks use hand-held scanners to read bar codes on incoming shipments.

In small companies, receiving clerks may also perform stock clerk duties. For example, they stock shipped goods and mark them with identifying codes.

In larger companies, shipping and receiving clerks may transfer items between different parts of the organization.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.