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Drywall Finishers

Drywall Finishers - Overview

Drywall finishers cover the joints between drywall panels using tape and cement.

Drywall finishers are sometimes called tapers. They tape joints to give drywall a final, finished look.

Drywall finishers' work begins after the drywall is installed. They make sure the screws and nails used to apply the drywall are below the surface of the panels. Finishers use joint compound to cover nail and screw heads, cracks, and other imperfections in the drywall. They fill the joints between panels with the compound. Finishers use a special trowel and brush-like strokes to apply the joint compound. Some finishers apply texture to walls and ceilings with rollers, brushes, or spray guns.

Drywall finishers may use metal molding at the corners of walls instead of applying tape. Finishers may use automatic taping tools that apply the joint compound and tape in one step. The use of these automatic taping tools is usually limited to larger projects.

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