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Drywall Finishers

Drywall Finishers - Wages & Trends

Some drywall finishers are paid by the number of panels they finish each day. Other finishers are paid by the hour. A 40-hour week is standard, but sometimes the work week may be longer. Those who are paid hourly rates receive additional pay for working overtime. Because drywall finishers can lose time due to downturns in construction activity, their overall earnings may be lower than these wages suggest.

Benefits vary by employer. Drywall finishers who work full time may receive benefits. Typical benefits include sick leave, paid vacation, and health insurance. Drywall finishers who are self-employed must provide their own insurance. Those who work for small companies may also need to provide their own insurance.

Tapers (SOC 47-2082)
Pay Period
Illinois Hourly $33.14 $42.94 $47.19
Yearly $68,921 $89,323 $98,156
    Cook County Hourly $41.86 $45.03 $48.19
Yearly $87,063 $93,654 $100,245
    Dekalb-Elgin-Aurora Area Hourly $26.96 $28.84 $30.71
Yearly $56,072 $59,979 $63,886
    St. Louis-Belleville Area Hourly $23.31 $33.57 $36.88
Yearly $48,486 $69,830 $76,715
    Will County Hourly $40.29 $43.83 $47.13
Yearly $83,808 $91,158 $98,035
United States Hourly $21.76 $28.40 $37.14
Yearly $45,260 $59,070 $77,250

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.