1/4: Layoff Assistance Intro

Whether you have just been laid off or have been dealing with a layoff, the Layoff Guide can help. With quick and easy steps, you will get connected to tips, tools, and advice on how to overcome this obstacle, gain knowledge and skills, and be prepared for the road ahead. Topics covered include:

  • Unemployment Insurance, Health Insurance, and Supportive Services
  • Money Management
  • Discovering Skills and Interests
  • Exploring Careers and Finding Training Opportunities
  • Starting or Updating a Resume
  • Networking, Job Searching, and Interviewing

Each step will provide you with overview information, a video, and resources you can use to complete the step. Get started today to get on the path to reaching your career, training and employment goals.

2/4: Connect to Benefits and Services

Find printable handouts and resources to help with finding services, learn about Unemployment Insurance, Health Insurance, and other available services, and get money management tips and resources.

3/4: Explore Your Skills and Career Options

Explore your skills and interest and learn about expanding your skills, find Labor Market Information and explore demand occupations, and learn about training programs near you to expand or change career fields.

4/4: Prepare and Search for Your Career

Create and update your resume, learn how to network and find great ways to job search, and prepare to interview and learn how to get additional help.