1/5: Money Management Intro

People spend money in order to purchase the things they want. Those things may be houses, cars, clothes, fancy dinners, vacations, sports equipment, or electronic items.

People look at money differently based on their life experiences. The person who is just entering the workforce has a different outlook than someone who has just been laid off. Someone retiring has a different perspective than someone re-entering the workforce after a long absence. The one common thread for all people is that we need to manage our money to achieve the things we want in life.

Select the option below that best fits your situation to find great resources and helpful information to help you with your current or future money management goals.

2/5: Getting Started for Youth

Get started with managing money and saving, keep a balance of fun and planning, and start learn good money habits to help you now and in the future.

3/5: Financing Education and Training

Determine the expenses and cost of school or training, find ways to help pay for training programs, and options for financial assistance for college or degree programs.

4/5: Money Tips for Small Businesses

Find resources to help finance your small business, find best practices and examples to help establish your finances, and options for keeping good ongoing finances to help your small business thrive.

5/5: Managing Finances

Create and manage your personal budget, make informed money decisions, and find ways to save and plan for the future.