Employment 101 Online Activities and Certificate

Employment 101

Employment 101 provides a complete set of tools and steps your students will need to get started developing a roadmap to reach their training and employment goals. The “meat” of the whole process is the Employment 101 Guide. Illinois workNet includes resources for getting your students started, lessons to supplement the online tool, and the Customer Support Center for viewing their saved results.

Assessments in Illinois workNet


Illinois workNet offers assessments that can be used as part of the career development process.

Create a Partner Account

Create a Partner Account

Help individuals, employers, and other service organizations achieve their career, training, and employment goals by becoming a partner with Illinois workNet today. Not only is it free to become a partner with us, but you will also have every resource and tool Illinois workNet has to offer in order to benefit your organization and customer's experience. In being a partner, you will also be part of a community network of workforce and education partners.

Customer Support Center

Customer Support Center

Customer Support Center tools allow a team of Illinois workNet partner staff to provide guidance to help customers reach their career, training, and employment goals.

Events Calendar

Events Calendar

Keep your customers up to date on upcoming events in your area using the Illinois workNet Event Calendar. Have your partners use the calendar as well so your customers only have to look in one place to find local events.

NOCTI 21st Century Skills Assessment and Certificate

NOCTI Assessment

The NOCTI 21st Century Skills Assessment is a non-occupation-specific assessment used measure employability areas identified in the National Career Cluster model. The results can help customers identify their current skill level and skills that need enhancement. There is normally a cost associated with completing this assessment, but it is free for all Illinois workNet partners.

Outreach Materials and Guides

Outreach Materials

Illinois workNet makes outreach simple! Save time and money by using our outreach materials. These materials convey a professional image and are customizable so you may include local services.

Enter and Manage Service Location Information

Manage Service Locations

Illinois workNet service partners can add their organizations’ service or referral information to the Service Finder Tool. This is a great way to enhance your outreach efforts and to ensure your community can easily connect to your services.

Success Story Submittal and Approval

Success Stories

Share program and customer Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) success stories. If you are part of a special program carried out through Illinois workNet you can use the success story as well. You and your customers can submit your success stories to this site.