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Displaced Workers Gain New Skills

Illinois Talent Pipeline Grant offers funds... +

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Name: Chelsea
Date: 02/20/2018
Pathway: Manufacturing
Program: Incumbent Worker Program
Location of Service: 60915-1238

Illinois Talent Pipeline Grant offers funds for on the job training at CSL Behring.

While other companies are making cuts, CSL Behring has increased its workforce in Kankakee by more than 35 percent during the past two years.

To help the company meet this growth, CSL contacted the local Workforce Board to discuss staffing needs and training opportunities. Training funds were secured through the Illinois Talent Pipeline Grant and, in partnership with Kankakee Community College, CSL Behring began retraining workers displaced in the past 24 months.

The partnership with the Workforce Board and Kankakee Community College has enabled CSL Behring to train 36 workers under this grant opportunity. The program allows folks to receive the training needed to adapt to a new role, while CSL Behring helps develop a skilled workforce to meet increased demand for its lifesaving medical treatments. As a result of this program, the Kankakee Community College Foundation recently awarded CSL Behring its Partnership Award for its support of student scholarships and the work with the Talent Pipeline Grant.

Read the full story on the CSL Behring website.

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Date: 02/12/2018
Pathway: Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
Program: EPIC
Location of Service: 60617-5733
The services at OAI were great.  Your program and training helped me get ahead in life. - EPIC Customer

This customer was referred to OAI for training in August 2016.  He was assessed accordingly and then enrolled in Forklift Training at Prairie State College.  It was difficult assisting the customer with employment because he was a high school dropout, and he had been unemployed for over a year.  The customer was dedicated, and we knew that if given an opportunity he would do well.  In May of 2017, hewas placed in transitional employment with High Bridge, L3C, as a crew member.  Even though the position was transitional and his hours fluctuated from week to week, he was dutiful.  The employer praised him for being an excellent employee.  He was reported as having a great attitude, punctual, and willing to stay until the work was complete.  The customer was offered full-time employment with Food and Paper, in the production department in July 2017.  He remains an employee as of January 2018, has full benefits and is in the union.  The customer still calls and checks in from time and time, and is appreciative of the opportunity.

Customer is pictured on the left with Site Supervisor, High Bridge, L3C


Hard Work Results in EPIC Success  Story Image

Hard Work Results in EPIC Success

EPIC participant, Corey, came to Catholic Chari... +

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Date: 01/17/2018
Pathway: Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
Program: EPIC
Location of Service: 60640-1001

EPIC participant, Corey, came to Catholic Charities in July of 2017.  He had several challenges growing up and experienced many gang influences, Corey felt as though he was doomed to a life of despair.  After he became involved in a 12-step program, offered through the EPIC program, things began to change.  He studied every night for his Professional Effectiveness Training, participated in training and was intent on learning the material.  His persistence paid off, as his pre-test score on Employment Training was 40%, and his post-test score was 92%. Corey successfully passed the written and practicum tests for his forklift certification and worked diligently at the WIC Warehouse for his On the Job Training (OJT).

Upon completion of OJT, he went directly to the Career Navigator system for support with interviewing skills, resume writing, and learning how to apply for jobs.  Three weeks after he completed OJT, he started his first permanent full-time job at Koch Foods. The position at Koch Foods offers a raise, health care insurance, vacation and sick days after completion of a 90 days probation period.  Corey enjoys his new job.